City Overseer 3D: Combat Manager

Combat Manager is set of scripts in City Overseer 3D to manage and play realistic RPG combats on 3D maps. All this scripts are are written on OverseerScript (extended JScript) and are fully available for users to customize or extend.

Here is an example of Combat Manager use in realistic RPG session. Party is attacking Undead Keep, but was meet with heavy resistance. Zombies and Mummies have risen to the Keep defense. Shortly after beginning of the combat situation looks like this.

At any time user may switch between top overview and party view:

Grid can be turned on and off via Layer Management dialog

First in initiative order is fire-obsessed wizard Yago. Indifferent to personal danger he wants to incinerate Mummy with his long-prepared "Fire burst" spell. Double clicking his figure to move it:

In Combat Manager heroes and monsters are like miniatures on your virtual table. With Yago already on the cursor, lets rotate it toward his target.


Now we shall cast the "Fire Burst" spell. Combat Manager contains hunderds of spell effects, monters, NPCs and items. Lets select "Spell Effect" collection.

Spell effects are orginized by the energy field...

... and shape...

Lets use "Fire Cone" to represent Yago spell. Effect appears on the cursor at ground level:

Raising and rotating the effect we link it with Yago hand and target the Mummy:

Then just scale effect to cover the desired area and click - new effect is created!

This is how Yago magic looks for nearby cleric Jannet:

Jannet act next, and she fells Yago is now vulnerable to Mummies  retaliation. She decide to move closer to Yago, and cast "Divine Shield" to ward him from Mummy blows.

Spell Effect: Holy Cylinder creates divine barrier around Yago:

However Undead Keep is far from finished:

DM plays his prize card - a Death Knight steps out from the keep gates!

To make it happen we go into Monster menu of Combat Manager and select Death Knight:

To determine DK actions, DM takes a look from DK position. DM decides that DK has clear line of sight on Yago and Jannet.

However DK has no knowledge yet about relative importance of characters in player party and he is suspect of Yago divine shield. DK decides to save heavy firepower for the later, and go with simple "Unholy Stun" spell.

Visually it can be represented by Spell Effect -> Necro -> Sphere. If Jannet fails her save, we can move the sphere to engulf here for the spell duration.

In meantime Zombies behind the party do their partial move:

Additionally, buried underground Skeleton Guard is starting to rise. DM gives them 3 rounds to crawl from the earth, so he places them half buried for now: Skeletons are created as Skeleton and Skeleton Warrior from Monsters menu, and vertically adjusted to be "pushed" underground.

When Halfling decides to check out that noise behind, the situation looks far from being pretty :

Thankfully, its time to act for wizard Taras, who planned a research session on the subject of is "How Zombies conduct electricity?" Answer was: "Within acceptable parameters". Chain Lighting goes online (Effect -> Electricity -> Ray )

Zombies can't withstand Taras onslaught. They blackened and charred remains drop to the ground:

DM decides to provide players with treasures Zombie had immediately. He consult his tables and places few object on the ground  near zombie. Well prepared DM may even invoke treasure generator script written with OverseerScript or run and process the output of external application.

Few Combat Manager Item selection dialogs:

Zombie had 2 potions, amulet, rusty 1h axe, and crossbow. Halfling is quick to take advantage of the situation under unfriendly glares of skeletons

DM decides Zombies no longer try to hide their weapons. Using same item menu, he equip last remaining zombie on the map with shield and 2h axe (Items -> Armour -> Shield, medium, Items -> Weapons -> Axe, 2h )

Players and DM review the the current situation in the encounter:


  1. Q: Can i buy or preorder City Overseer 3D right now?
    A: No. We still working on it, and there is no final release date. Hoverer it should be relatively soon.

  2. Q: Can i be notified when CO3D is released?
    A: Yes. Subscribe to our newsletter. Its used strictly for our product announcements. Click here to subscribe

  3. Q: Can i learn more about CO3D?
    A: Yes, but not much. This page is the only and only right now with latest info on CO3D. Some screenshots are available here: However information and screenshots there haven't been updated for a very long time. Similarly, there is not much info in our forums. Don't expect any updates or changes before the release - all efforts right now are dedicated to finishing the software.

  4. Q: OK, but what is this Realm Overseer product you are selling now? Do i need to buy it to use City Overseer?
    A: RO is our first product in Overseer line. RO is dedicated to overview of large landmasses, like continents and oceans. CO is more dedicated to cities and tactical-level maps. CO won't replace RO and you don't need RO to use CO. However CO can and will use RO 3D catalogs and maps. CO and RO together will give you bigger symbol selection then each product alone.

  5. Q: What computer do I need to run CO3D?
    A: Good 3D card is a must. We recommend latest nVidia-based 3D cards: GeForce2 or GeForce3. Voodoo5 is fine too, Voodoo3 is ok, but a bit weak. Stay away from ATI & Radeon 3D cards! If you plan to use TV during your RPG session - make sure you 3D video card has TV output option. Fast computer is also good, like PIII 550 or higher. However - keep in mind this is not a 3D game. You and your players my discuss for half an hour the events of one round. Even on slow computer you will be more then able to move Zombie few squares once in few minutes. 


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