New features in Fractal Terrains 1.5

  1. Fixed a long-standing bug in calculations. This fix causes pre-1.5 worlds to display differently, so also added a compatibility mode for old version to ensure that worlds don't disappear. See detailed explanation below for more information.
  2. (Edit >> Preferences) Added an update rate slider to allow people with slow machines or video cards to set the screen display rate instead of a constant 4 Hz rate.
  3. (Edit >> Preferences) Added maximum calculation resolution to allow users with slow processors to set a maximum calculation resolution. If the resolution is set lower than the window size, shading is badly garbled. There is a warning message.
  4. (Map >> World Settings) There's a new little gray button next to the method that allows the fractal parameters to be set manually via dialog box. The parameters on the dialog vary with the type of selected basis function.
  5. (Map >> World Settings >> Fractal Globe) Added Fractal Globe parameters so that a user can select the actual base point and radii used in evaluating the basis function sphere. Allows for a large number of additional worlds within a single seed value as well as providing a way for users to generate similar maps with the continents in slightly different positions.
  6. (Map >> World Settings >> Advanced) Added temperature and rainfall color map editing.
  7. (View) Added view management menu items under the View menu instead of just on the context menu.

Differences in displayed worlds

  1. The worst bug in V1.22 caused worlds that would sometimes lose their min/max settings and could cause worlds to be different on different machines or if certain new types of software were installed on a machine. V1.23 incorporated a workaround at the cost of increased world switching time, but did not address the underlying bug. The bug was finally fixed with 1.50, but caused all computed worlds to be different than with 1.23.
  2. A compatibility mode was added to 1.50 to ensure that 1.23 worlds would load correctly, but the display bugs are also retained. Loading a world from V1.23 will automatically enter compatibility mode. The only way to avoid the 1.23 bugs is to convert the file to V1.50 mode.
The technique is
  1. Edit>>Preferences and ensure that compatibility mode is turned off.
  2. Load the 1.23 version file.
  3. Perform Tools>>Burn In To Surface.
  4. Edit>>Preferences. Compatibility mode should be turned off. Click OK, not cancel (compatibility mode was switched on internally and should now be turned off).
  5. Save the FTW file to a new file name.
If you leave out step (d) the file may still be tagged as V1.23 one.

Unfortunately, this process will reduce the displayed resolution of the world to that of the editing resolution specified in the world settings. It's a problem that can't be eliminated. Compatibility mode keeps the bugs that were present in the earlier versions.

Fixes in Fractal Terrains V1.60

some may have been in 1.50 as well; logs are unclear
  1. Painting tools that set levels were painting the wrong values.
  2. GPF if view changed rapidly from the view list.
  3. Fixed a memory leak in the map projection manager.
  4. GPF if undo operation performed during screen refresh.
  5. On the lighting and color dialog, if the land shading is turned off, sea shading will never appear. Now when land shading is turned off, the sea shading button is disabled.
  6. Setting % sea to 0 still can give a sea regardless of other settings.
  7. Clicking with a painting tool in one spot without moving generates two actions (twice the raise, etc.). Caused by twitchy mice and it's been fixed.
  8. When a spin view is being exported, hitting cancel only works for one frame. Have to hit cancel multiple times. Now only one cancel required.
  9. Added an option on CC2 exports to allow for an external uncompressed V6 CC2 file to be used as the basis for the file operations rather than the built-in one. If the correct layers for FT aren't present, the parts will be...
  10. CC2 export leaves a small gap on the right and bottom edges because it was setting the right edge of the output window one pixel too far over.
  11. CC2 export can extend past the edge of the map border when not at 0 longitude due to a wraparound calculation error that only appears when map center not at 0 longitude. The workaround probably fixes the problem.
  12. Border should have an option to just go around the map segment and not the template boundary to avoid white space on the map edges. The CC2 export frills page has a checkbox to tightly bound the map.
  13. Printout clips top and bottom of image. It's a little better now, but it's still the old printing function.
  14. User-placed water levels not exporting to CC2 file. It works now.
  15. Added an option to output unlimited-resolution (well, up to a gigabyte or so of data) MDR files and a feature to read the header info on the binary file option.
  16. Saved selections were reloading inverted in latitude.

Joe Slayton (not fixed in FT 1.60)

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