Note: This documentation is included in its entirety in the on-line Help file (5.16 and later). It is duplicated here for informational purposes only.

Properties Edit command

Entity Properties dialog box

PROPERTIES EDIT allows you to edit the standard properties of a single selected entity through an interactive dialog box. The properties you can edit are similar to those you would edit using the various CHANGE commands:

  • Layer
  • Line Style
  • Fill Style
  • Line Width
  • Color
  • Dimension Style (when a dimension entity is selected)
  • Text Style (when a text entity is selected)

To change the properties of an existing entity, select [Edit > Properties]:

  1. FastCAD displays a pick cursor. Select any single entity. The entity can be discretely selected if part of a group. Multipolys select as a single entity (any changes affect the entire multipoly). Symbol references cannot be selected.

    Note: If a selected entity is part of a group, you cannot use UNDO to restore the previous properties.

  2. FastCAD displays the Entity Properties dialog box. Modify the desired property and choose the OK button.

Entity Properties dialog box options

FastCAD displays the entity's current properties. To change the property, select the desired property from the drop list. FastCAD displays only layers, line styles, and fill styles that already exist in the drawing. You can type in a new line width or color number. A new color can be graphically chosen by clicking on the color button and selecting a new color from the current palette.

Entity Display
The selected entity is displayed at its extents and graphically reflects any changes you might make.

Choose to restore the entity properties to their original values. The Properties and Entity Display settings will revert to the original state.

Dimension Properties
This button is displayed only when a dimension entity is selected. Choose to open the Dimension Styles dialog box to modify specific dimension properties.

Text Properties
This button is displayed only when a text entity is selected. Choose to open the Text Properties dialog box to modify specific text properties.

Text equivalent: PEDIT

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