с высоты драконьего полета

My world

from height the dragon of flight

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Mapped with CC2
all maps draw in version 6



My Maps

Character Artist



Symbols for CC2

Top-view characters Small part of top-view characters

Griffin's Carrier - 104KB (FCW)

Каравелла, приспособленная для взлета и посадки грифонов
Сделана специально для 'Летального Модуля'
(летальный здесь - от слова 'летать')

eXternal Procedures description menu (for v.6.038k)
eXternal Procedures description and Scripts menu (for v.6.12)

DLL Description menu

Small, but all the same appreciable cursor, which is very convenient is to used for drawing maps - by it does not close by itself Smart Symbol
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